Boom! A New Intel Atom C3000 Line Called Denverton Drops

Source: ServeTheHome Boom!  A New Intel Atom C3000 Line Called Denverton Drops

Intel’s New Atom Turns Three With The Release Of The C3000

The Denverton launch was quiet compared to Comet Lake S, however it did happen and is worth looking at.  This is something of a challenge, as Intel really does not push out much information on these chips, ServeThe Home did some digging of their own to come up with the detailed information which they posted here.

You can see the complete list of processors by clicking below to embiggen the slide.

Boom! A New Intel Atom C3000 Line Called Denverton Drops - General Tech 2

While the architecture remains single threaded, the core counts make up for that as several models have 16 cores to offer you.  In addition there are eight models which have a Turbo Clock which lets them run above their base frequency, just like Intel’s big boys.  Memory support ranges from DDR4-1866 through to DDR4-2400 depending on the model.  You will start to see these appearing in network and storage appliances in the near future.

As for price and power consumption there is quite a wide range, the lowest power four core C3538 only consumes 15W while running at 2.1GHz.  At the high end the C3955 has a TDP of 32W from 16 cores running at 2.1GHz base, 2.4GHz boost.  Check out the rest of the details by clicking that previous link.


Lest you think that the Big 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Refresh was the only 2020 refresh for Intel, we have new Intel Atom C3000 SKUs. Quietly launched this quarter, the quartet of new processors are out adding the “R” and “L” suffixes. This further expands the Atom C3000 line as it enters its third year of service.

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  1. collie

    K. I havent followed Intel processors for a while, and I’m fucking lost. What happened to core-m? At first I thought it was supposed to replace atom, then there it was super expensive, then I heard nothing from atom forever, then I tuned out.

    So wtf is the deal with non I intel processors these days, is there still a low power high performance variant or did the power envelope of moble core I replace the need, is anyone still buying an atom processor? Does intel still do the whole “Some pentiums are one architecture, some are the other” What is going on with the big I and their product line. IS there a market for atom prosessors OR have they gotten so good over time that they are a plausible main pc processor? Are we still using the word ultrabook or did stupidity that fade?

    And, since ryzen, is there any true reason to care?


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