EVOO EV-C-116-5, What Can a $140 Laptop From Walmart Do?

Source: Ars Technica EVOO EV-C-116-5, What Can a $140 Laptop From Walmart Do?

Cheap, Or Inexpensive?

At a price of $140 you can make some assumptions about the usefulness of Walmart’s EVOO EV-C-116-5 but remember, they also released a $200 Motile M141 with a Ryzen 3 3200U that turned out to be quite useful as a Linux laptop.  This model went with an 7th generation dual core Bristol Ridge A4-9120 chip, running at 1.6GHz base and 2.4GHz boost, with three Radeon R4 GPU cores running at 600Mhz.  The two limiting factors, and they are significant, is a mere 2GB of DDR4 and a 32GB eMMC of local storage.

That tiny slice of local storage explains why the laptop ships with Windows 10 Build 1903 is because 2004 is simply too big.  Ars Technica cleaned up every possible sliver of space they possibly could but the best that they could achieve was 6GiB free, Windows needs 8GiB and thankfully no longer automagically makes space for outstanding updates.  At this size the difference between GB and GiB becomes quite important.

The laptop did at least match, if not shatter, a PCMark 10 record, as it scored a perfect zero.  Ars Technica also tried Passmark which failed at first but finally managed to complete with a CPUMark score of 639 multi and 494 single threaded, which is somewhat odd as that is around half the performance you would expect from an A4-9120.   Ars also tested Fedora 32 which performed a bit better than Windows 10; not that that is saying much.

Check out the full review here.

One glance at the specs on Walmart's cheapest laptop—the EVOO EV-C-116-5—makes it clear to any technical enthusiast that the device is not exactly going to be a powerhouse. But the little laptop only costs $139, and its stats appear to stack up well with $200-$250 Chromebooks. So recently, I ponied up my credit card and ordered one. In purple.

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  1. collie man

    That processor is 3 years old right? 2gb ram, 32g emmc…… I get the feeling that this is an old unsold skew of netbooks from “somewhere” that they installed win 10 and sold at or close to cost.

    If it was 64 gb emmc, I’d be plenty interested, replacing the OAF android 4.4 laptop I take traveling for media, but at 32, even with Slax OS it’s still just not enough storage to make it worth it.

    Oh well, if it seems too good to be true, it normaly is.


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