Feeling A Little Edge-y At Windows Login?

Source: The Register Feeling A Little Edge-y At Windows Login?

Microsoft Would Like Help With Their Homework

Those brave souls that are part of the Windows 10 Insider user group that test the latest builds of Windows 10 have noticed some unwanted behaviour on the latest build.  It seems that Edge is feeling a little unloved and is now launching itself at login without any prompting from the user.  Even those that have modified the Edge://settings/onStartup values to prevent this from occurring are still seeing it happen.

Those effected users looking for assistance haven’t had much success, as the Microsoft rep that responded to their inquiries is baffled themselves.  It becomes harder to troubleshoot an issue when even the provider is unsure where the issue stems from, perhaps Edge but perhaps Windows itself is what is launching the browser.

Microsoft have asked for assistance with this issue, offering steps on how to provide your log files to them for analysis and The Register were kind enough to post here.   The choice is up to you, would you prefer to sit and fume as you close Edge every time you log in or are you willing to do a little work for Microsoft to see if you can help clear this up?  Just getting out of the Insider Ring might be the easiest choice, but as this is the main beta test process for Microsoft it just pushes these bugs closer to the main release versions.

You know, maybe someone on the Edge team could have a word with someone the Windows 10 team for help. Maybe over this thing called Teams. or Yammer.

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