Grado Labs Hemp Headphones Limited Edition

Source: Grado Labs Grado Labs Hemp Headphones Limited Edition

Grado Labs Rolls Up A High-Fi Hemphone With Relaxed Drivers

Our friends over at Grado Labs were experimenting with new materials to use in their headset housings and came up with a hoot of an idea, incorporating hemp into the mix.  After trying a few different concoctions they tried rolling up a little maple in with the hemp and found that the joint effects of those materials almost blew their minds.   They had some high expectations as they passed them around the office and were not disappointed by the effects on their test subjects.

Now, to be blunt, these can only be pre-ordered at this time and we haven’t had a chance to plug in and light these hemp headphones up yet but if you know Grado’s reputation then you know you shouldn’t worry about fronting these boys from Brooklyn $420, or a bit more if you want to add some extras.   Supply is limited, so if you are interested you’d better move quick before the buzz spreads and you can’t get yours anymore.

Grado has yet to release a bad pair of headsets, so these Limitied Edition Hemphones have a lot of audio potential.

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  1. Josh Walrath

    These were originally set to be released on 4/20, which is seriously amusing. Too bad the pandemic hit…

  2. Geoff Smith

    👏👏👏😂 Really funny and well-written Jeremy. Do you know where one might be able to audition these for a free ‘first taste’?

    • Sebastian Peak

      I know I’m not Jeremy, but I will mention that Grado works through local dealers (no pun intended), and you can always listen before you buy – at least at my local audio shop.


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