Hylics 2; Like The Weird And Wonderful?

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Hylics 2; Like The Weird And Wonderful?

Artistically Absurd Animation And Adventure

Forget Frog Fractions (well not really, also amazing and coming to Steam for free soon) because the next Hylics game from Mason Lindroth has arrived.  It uses the same wonderful mix of stop-motion animation, 3D-scanned clay models, and pixel art to bring a unique looking game to the vast seas of similarity we sail through now.  It certainly uses many of the familiar tropes in jRPG style games however the delivery is somewhat different.

If you missed the first one, it is under $4.00 on Steam and is not terribly long however it is quite replayable and at that price you are getting your money’s worth.  This one is 10% off on Steam at release and is around $15.00, with a longer gameplay experience for you to enjoy.  You will be subjected to turn based combat, airship travel, air dashing, gliding and learn Poromer Bleb. The trailer is below for your enjoyment. 

Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN also approves.

Today has brought the launch of Hylics 2, sequel to the 2015 RPG with the best spellcasting animations in the genre. Made with a mix of clay models and stop-motion animation, it is such a looker. Sounds great, too.

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