Lenovo’s 4K Virtual Headset, The Mirage VR S3

Source: The Register Lenovo’s 4K Virtual Headset, The Mirage VR S3

ThinkReality Is Actually A 4K Mirage

Lenovo never really released their original ThinkReality A6 in large numbers, perhaps due to most reviewers finding the AR device rather disappointing, even with a 1080p screen for each eye.  The new Mirage VR S3 headset with ThinkReality is a bit of a different beast offering 1920×2160 pixels per eye, for a total of 4K resolution, driven by a Qualcomm 835 SOC.  The 835 is a great chip but asking this level of resolution out of it means some compromise has to be made, in this case it is a refresh rate of 75Hz compared to the 90Hz offered by most of the competition.

It was designed in partnership with Pico Interactive, and bears more than a slight resemblance to their G2 4K externally and internally.  It is intended to function as a stand alone device without a need to strap a PC onto your back to be able to make use of the Mirage, and so sports 64GB of onboard storage with support for an SD card of up to 256GB for extra space.  The controller is also optional, as the software is designed to let you control your experience without one.

There is one big difference which makes this more attractive to prospective Enterprise and consumer customers, while their original AR headset was priced around $2,295 USD, a Mirage VR S3 could be yours for around $450.  Drop by The Register for more information on the Lenovo’s headsets as well as the current competition.

Following HP's second crack at the Reverb last week, Lenovo's new baby features a 4K display aimed at clearing up the blurry mess of how text tends to look in the normally lower-resolution VR world.

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