PNY Elite 960GB; Small Speedy External SSD

Source: Kitguru PNY Elite 960GB; Small Speedy External SSD

Not Quite 10 Cents Per Gig By PNY

PNY’s Elite series of external drives offer you portable SSD class storage in a tiny form factor for a fairly reasonable price.  The 960GB model is currently available on Amazon for $125 but you can drop that price to $90 with the 480GB model if you wanted.   The 960GB model is what Kitguru tested, the drive is 60 x 36 x 9mm in size and 50g in weight which is noticeably smaller than your average deck of cards and can store more games as well.

The drive connects via USB 3.1 Gen1 Micro-B, with a rather short cord you might want to consider replacing if you prefer a little space between you and your drives.  The 960GB drives are rated for 420MB/s on both reads and write, though Kitguru couldn’t quite get that much on their ATTO write benchmarks but could surpass the stated reads when testing.  Check out the entire results here.

Towards the end of 2019, we reviewed PNY’s Pro Elite external SSD, and today we are looking at its slower but cheaper sibling, known simply as the PNY Elite – and it’s even smaller in size than the Pro Elite. Priced at £120 for the 960GB model, is this a good option for those looking for an affordable but high capacity external drive?

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