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The Gameplay You Were Looking For This Is Not

When is a trailer not a trailer?  When it entirely consists of “game engine footage” young Padawan; not like back in the days Old Republic when the game you saw in the demo was the game you got at release.  Especially not four months before the scheduled release date!  The secrets that are revealed within are minimal but we can glean some truths about what Star Wars: Squadrons actually is.  You will be engaged in a five on five dogfight, five of the Rebel’s best against five of the Empire’s finest, possibly attempting to attack or defend capital ships while trying to take each other out.

We see in the demo X-Wings and a TIE Interceptor fighting it out, however digging through several moments in the video as well as the poster we also see A-Wings, Y-Wings and U-Wings for the Rebels and TIE Bombers, TIE Fighters and TIE Reapers for the Empire.  This makes sense as the game is set after The Return of The Jedi, but leaves us wondering where the B-Wings  and TIE Advanced fighters might be.

EA has mentioned that there will be single player modes as well as multiplayer, but we are talking about the pair of companies, Motive Montreal and EA whom proudly boasted about the single player mode in Battlefield II.  This is a game we have been waiting for for decades and it is impossible not to be excited by the upcoming release on October 2nd.  It will not be a new TIE Fighter, which is disappointing considering just how impressively that game was designed, as Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN remind us.

Electronic Arts has released the official reveal trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons. This is a spacecraft dogfighting game to be enjoyed in first person on your PC, Xbox One or PS4. EA will be making cross play compatible PC and PS VR versions of the game available too.

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  1. BigTed

    Please don’t eff this up EA. Also, needs a MIDI soundtrack and Gravis gamepad for that authentic 90s feel.

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      I was hoping for joystick support so I can drag out my old Creative with a serial port on it.

  2. MC6800

    Good to see new space games coming to market although I’m much more interested in Star Citizen and Squadron 42.


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