XPG Summoner, Volume Knob And Cherry Switches

Source: Neoseeker XPG Summoner, Volume Knob And Cherry Switches

Textured Metal Frame And Plenty Of RGBs

XPG have released an interesting looking and quite weighty mechanical keyboard, at 951g it should handle a lot of abuse.  You can choose between Speed Silver, Red, and Blue Cherry switches, the model Neoseeker tested out used Blue switches.   The keyboard would be effective for someone that spends a lot of time listening to or working with audio.  A physical volume knob is rather rare nowadays, as is a dedicated mute button which the Summoner also sports and your F10 through F12 keys handle play/pause, rewind and fast forward.

Combine the audio controls with a USB headset attached via the two port USB hub or the pass through included on the keyboard.  The board features seven RGB lighting modes though your colour choices are limited to a maximum of six different hues.  On the plus side you can program up to five keystroke macros very easily, which may be more important for many users.

Neoseeker has the whole story here.

The XPG Summoner is a solid keyboard with its thick sandblasted metal top frame, thick plastic base, rubber feet, and Cherry MX switches rated for 50 million key presses. It has seven preset RGB modes, and six preset static colors. It can store up to five macro programs of up to 40 keys, and has full media controls including a dedicated volume adjustment knob with tactile feedback.

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