A Titan-ic Dual Quadro RTX 8000 Review

Source: ServeTheHome A Titan-ic Dual Quadro RTX 8000 Review

Stare In Jealousy As Two Quadro RTX 8000 Take On Two Titan RTX

ServeTheHome are testing some serious hardware in this look at workstation class cards, in one corner are the Quadros, weighing in at about $11,000 with 96GB RAM combined.  In the other corner a pair of Titans which tip the scales at ‘mere’ $5000 and a paltry 48GB of RAM.   The Quadros have another advantage as well, with specialized drivers to enhance deep learning and other HPC tasks, but in this case the playing field was levelled somewhat by testing both cards with the 411.12 driver version.

The tests show the two different families of cards are neck and neck for the most part, with the TITANs taking top spot quite frequently.  This changes in the deep learning tests, where the larger memory pool allows the Quadro to shine.  Indeed that is the big difference as the Quadro’s ECC RAM enables it to handle much larger data sets than the Titan can lift. 

STH points out that the largest The dataset they used was 12GB and you could easily go three or four times that size with a just a single Quadro RTX 8000, with NVLINK connecting two Quadro RTX 8000’s they can double that.   Titan’s are bound and unable to handle a dataset almost 100GB in size with any reasonable alacrity.

You might not be able to afford these cards, or even wishing for them, but it is worth checking out the incredible performance numbers in this dual Quadro RTX 8000 review; for one thing we bet you’ve never seen a Port Royal score north of 15,000 on your home system!

At this time, the Quadro RTX 8000 is the pinnacle of PCIe workstation GPU horsepower offered by NVIDIA, suitable for high-end workstations and servers where we can find 8x Quadro RTX 8000’s installed. NVIDIA’s Quadro line of graphics cards is certified for data center use, while the Titan RTX is not.

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