Even Crytek Can’t Play Crysis Remastered

Source: HEXUS Even Crytek Can’t Play Crysis Remastered

Delay Of Game

Today was to be the day we could feast our eyes upon gameplay footage of Crysis Remastered and find out when we would be able to play it for ourselves.  Unfortunately what we received was a Tweet stating that the launch has been delayed to give them time to polish it.  This delay lends credence to the veracity of the leaked gameplay trailer which was posted yesterday, as Crytek directly mentions that they are taking the feedback of those that watched the video seriously.

That leak also contained the intended launch date of July 23rd, but it looks like that will not be accurate for any platform.  For the moment they are not accepting any pre-orders excepting the Switch, as they are no longer able to give an accurate date.  Besides, don’t pre-order!  Crytek states that the actual gameplay interface is solid as are the suit powers and AI, it is the look that they intend to improve.

Crysis was incredible when it came out, but was more famous for the hardware required to hit playable framerates instead of just presenting a pretty slide show.  As hardware improved we finally got to see Crysis in all it’s glory and it was amazing.  It set an industry benchmark for visuals that persists to this day.  Making a remastered version which can recreate that is a herculean feat and one which Crytek has to find a way to match if they hope for success with this remaster.

I think we are all cheering them on, and hope to see an RTX 2080 Ti struggle to run with all the new bells and whistles turned on and at a respectable resolution.

We don't know if the remaster will benefit from Nvidia RTX hardware raytracing acceleration, or whether it can use AMD RDNA 2 hardware to accelerate raytracing. It would be rather short-sighted of Crytek if RTX and RDNA 2 hardware accelerated raytracing were not supported, especially as we should have both available to consumers later this year.

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  1. collie man

    I’m actually playing crysis 2 right now, steam sale, and I have JUST ENOUGH horse power to play on ultra, 1440×3400, 60 fps, (it dips to 45-50 sometimes, but with freesnyc I barely notice) and even for an 9 year old game its absolutely stunning.

    Perhaps in a few years, 2 upgrade cycles or so, I’ll be able to do the same with this remake.

    Something to live for, I guess.

    • kLEIN

      Crysis 1 was by far goty, the sequals wern’t open world or nearly as ambitious

      • collie man

        I see what you’re saying, but being open world doesn’t make a game good or bad, it needs to fit the game. Crysis 2 has a linear story so it works to have a linear level system. Far too often these days we see open world games that have no value or point to the openworldieness other than selling more games.

        And also, today Crysis 1 woudn’t be considered open world, it’s sandbox levels.


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