G.Skill’s Overclocking Friendly TridentZ Neo DDR4-3600 16GB Kit

Source: Overclockers Club G.Skill’s Overclocking Friendly TridentZ Neo DDR4-3600 16GB Kit

DDR4-3600 Is Just A Suggestion From The TridentZ Neo Kit

G.SKILL’s TridentZ Neo 16GB kit might be set at a perfect frequency for Ryzen and ThreadRipper systems but from what OCC discovered that frequency is nowhere near what these particular DIMMs are capable of.  If you go with the default settings you will have a DDR4-3600 dual channel kit running at CL14-15-15-35 which will give you solid performance on your system but with a little tweaking you can get more out of this kit.

When OCC started tweaking they hit 3800MHz with incredible ease without changing any other settings.  They were even able to tighten the timings to CL14-13-13-27-40 while staying at 1.5V with a bit of work.  They didn’t stop there though, and saw a top overclock of DDR4-4466 with timings of CL20-19-19-39-49, still running at relatively safe 1.5V.

As in other reviews, G.Skill’s RGB software failed to impress OCC but it is of little matter seeing as how the RGBs on the DIMMs can be easily and effectively controlled by your motherboard and it’s associated software suites. Check out the full review here.

The TridentZ Neo SKU is designed around and optimized for the AMD Ryzen platform. This in turn makes it the perfect choice for those who are unsure what is the best memory to pair with their new computer. Not only does G.Skill have a wide range of memory kits for sale, but its own website also has a list of validated motherboards (QVL) which makes choosing the right product an even easier experience.

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