Microsoft Updated IT’s PowerToys Preview

Source: The Register Microsoft Updated IT’s PowerToys Preview

Still No TweakUI Resurrection Though

Microsoft are bringing back a tool which first appeared in Win95 and allowed you to customize the look of your desktop as well as giving you some more control over how Windows operated.  The new version for Windows 10 is not quite as powerful but does offer some intriguing features for you to make use of.  The simplest but most useful for many is simply a pop up detailing all of the various shortcut keys for Windows functions.

The Run tool lets you launch anything via ALT+Space directly, including Control Panel features and is friendly to add ins to grant you the ability to create macros or other tweaks.  FancyZones lets you customize how various windows will appear, if there are specific screen layouts you prefer.  There are tool to quickly resize pictures, a way to rename files in bulk and a Keyboard Manager to let you remap your keys.  You can see the full list at the GitHub repository.

Those who have tried to use the tool but run into serious issues because they use multiple monitors will be glad to hear that bug has been squashed in the latest update.  The update feature has also been fixed, it will now update your program as opposed to sending you to that GitHub page to install the new version manually.  The Register has a list of all the fixes from the latest patch here.

The release appeared with little fanfare, but the enhancements contained within are worth having for fans of retro-inspired tooling, particularly those using the PowerToys Run feature.

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