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Censor This!

Reporters Without Borders worked with a professional Minecraft design company (those are a thing) called BlockWorks to create The Uncensored Library to house banned and censored texts in a way that defeats current censorship processes.  You are now able to create books in Minecraft and fill them with text which can be read in game, with the content set in stone as it were, after you sign your book.  It might not be the best way to read a book but for many it is the only way they can get their hands on it, virtually or otherwise.

The 200 books which have been entered so far represent the works of journalists across five countries who have seen their articles removed from the media and made unavailable to citizens of their respective countries.  There are also exhibition halls celebrating the lives and works of journalists who have been silenced, sometimes permanently contained in the Neoclassically designed library which consists of 12.5 million blocks. 

Governments will be able to discover and block Minecraft servers which house The Uncensored Library but they can’t effectively stop people from starting new servers or even downloading the entire library and sharing it offline.  This is the initial launch, you can expect additions to the Library, as it is much easier to add on an addition in Minecraft than in the real world, though it will be interesting to see if altered versions full of misinformation start to spread as well.

Drop by Slashdot for more information.

Happy Dominion Day to those for whom it applies!

Free press advocates have created a virtual library in Minecraft that bypasses censorship in oppressive countries to house censored journals and articles. The virtual space was created as a collaboration between the freedom-of-the-press organization, Reporters Without Borders, and a Minecraft design company, BlockWorks.

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