Seasonic CONNECT’s The Dots On Cable Management

Source: Kitguru Seasonic CONNECT’s The Dots On Cable Management

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T’was about two years ago we first saw the Seasonic Backplane, also called the SCMD, a very interesting device which was designed to make cable management a (magnetic) snap.  The rectangular unit sported PSU connections so you could directly attach a PSU’s cabling to it behind your case’s motherboard tray, and then plug in only the cables you needed to power your system.  The ability to route all the cables behind your system, and theoretically more efficient power delivery than traditional modular cabling made it a very interesting product; but one which never really saw the light of day.

This may change soon, as Seasonic is revisiting this idea with their CONNECT, which connects an SCMD-like device directly to a 750W 80 PLUS GOLD rated PSU and includes modular cabling to run from the SCMD to your various components.  In theory the SSR-750FA should be available, however it doesn’t seem to be available from any of the usual providers which is as disappointing as it was two years ago.

Kitguru checked it out, installing the PSU in a system, attaching the SCMD to the backside of their case with the magnets supplied and then went about building a system.  The design worked very well, though it slowed the build down a bit as this is a new process to incorporate into a system build. They did wish for more interesting cables to be included to make their build even more comely, though many might prefer the flat black cables provided. Check it out for yourself.

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  1. Spud

    So many places to go to…

  2. Will

    This is old news. The CONNECT was seen at Computex years ago and launched several months ago.


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