TeamGroup T-Force Vulcan 500GB; Still Room For SATA?

Source: The FPS Review TeamGroup T-Force Vulcan 500GB; Still Room For SATA?

SATA Still Works If You Don’t Suffer From NVMe Envy

Poor SATA, once hailed as an amazing replacement to PATA has since seen the hardware attached to it able to completely saturate it’s bus and many have dropped it completely, in favour of PCIe based NVMe drives.  Proponents of Ryan’s Law, who demand $0.10/GB on the other hand may be disappointment at the prices of even QLC NVMe drives as well as the write performance of those drives once the cache is filled.  That means drives like the TeamGroup T-Force Gaming Vulcan 500GB SSD are still viable products, even if they are $0.11/GB.

The FPS Review took a look at this drive, which uses the SM2258 controller and 64-Layer 3D NAND TLC flash with a 4GB DDR3 cache and a pseudo-SLC write cache as well.  They tested it against the mighty SAMSUNG 860 EVO, even unintentionally giving Samsung an advantage as the test drive they had to hand was 1TB.  The results are impressive, with the TeamGroup SSD matching or beating the M.e2 860 EVO in many tests.  In the ones which it fell behind, there is a strong likelihood that the large size of the EVO is the reason it outperforms the TeamGroup T-Force Gaming Vulcan SSD.

If you look at price to performance, that Samsung drive is around $0.15/GB which is a far larger delta than that of performance.  If you are looking for inexpensive and quick storage whose performance will not collapse when asked to write large files the TeamGroup T-Force Gaming Vulcan family of drives is worth a look.  It also has a complete and utter lack of RGBs, which may have an effect on your decision as well.

This slick-looking TeamGroup T-Force Gaming Vulcan 500GB SATA 2.5” SSD is at an amazingly low $55.99 in retail. This SSD is geared toward the gamer who wants high read speeds in the SATA protocol and 2.5” form factor for very affordable pricing, and also an appealing classy look.

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  1. Dvon of Edzore

    How can it be a real gaming product without RGBs? (just kidding, don’t frag me bro.)

    I still prefer the Crucial MX500 even over the Samsung SATA SSDs because Crucial states better endurance: 180TBW versus 120TBW for this Team Group Vulcan. That said, I have an older Team L3 SSD in a Windows server which has been working fine for years.


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