The New Look For Windows 10

Source: Slashdot The New Look For Windows 10

Are You An Alt-Tabber?

The Insider Preview Build 20161 brings a new look for Windows 10 as well as a change to the taskbar and how alt-tab works.  Thankfully, even when these new features are fully rolled out they are optional, you will have the ability to revert the changes if you decide you don’t prefer them.   The first change is purely cosmetic, as Microsoft adds theme-aware tiles in the Start menu; assuming you haven’t removed the tiles already.  If you have chosen or created a desktop theme, your Start menu will now reflect that colour scheme to give you a better looking desktop.

There is more than just updated aesthetics on the way, as Edge tabs are being properly integrated into Alt-Tab.  You will now see all of your open tabs, as well as open programs and will be able to switch between them just like you do now with applications.  You will be able to modify this if you find it disruptive, and set it to only show a limited number of the most recent Edge tabs you visited in addition to applications or even disable it completely to return to the classic interface.

Some of the other features include adding a proper graphing mode to Windows Calculator, adding in linked Android and XBox accounts to your task bar as well as a variety of bug fixes.  You can see the entire list of upcoming features on this blog post over at Microsoft.

Alongside an updated Start menu, the latest Windows 10 build includes some big changes to Alt-Tab. "Beginning with today's build, all tabs open in Microsoft Edge will start appearing in Alt-Tab, not just the active one in each browser window," explains Microsoft. This seems like a change that might be a little confusing for veteran Windows users, but Microsoft is thankfully allowing you to switch back to the classic Alt-Tab experience.

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  1. collie

    I miss Dos. It was so simple once umpon a time.

    3.31t was the best of the best, 6.2.2 was the end of an erea….

    I miss dos.

    • BigTed

      When half the fun was optimising autoexec.bat and config.sys just to get a game running.

  2. Joshua Baker

    I thought we were going to rounded corners next. I am damn tired cutting my fingers on these sharp window corners


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