The Versatile Creative Sound Blaster X3

Source: TechPowerUp The Versatile Creative Sound Blaster X3

A USB Sound Card For Mac, PC, PS4 or Nintendo Switch

The Creative Sound Blaster X3 USB sound card will plug into just about any device you have kicking around and improve the audio quality fed to your sound system.  It can output via TOSLINK,  or up to four 3.5-mm linear outputs for front, rear, side, central speaker, and active subwoofer as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack.   In addition to the USB Type C input, you can also choose a 3.5mm microphone and 3.5mm AUX port to ensure it can accept just about any source you can come up with.

While you can enjoy stereo on the Sound Blaster X3, it is capable of providing up to 7.1 surround which is rather impressive for such a USB device.  Those using this as a headphone amp will appreciate the presence of both low and high gain modes, and for those that need 32bit 192khz audio, that falls within the abilities of this USB sound card.

If you have used previous Creative headsets and DACs you will be pleased to know the X3 comes with a new improved software suite, caled Sound Blaster Command and it offers a much better interface than previous suites, especially on the mobile side.   TechPowerUp subjected their ears to the Sound Blaster X3; read about their thoughts here.

The Creative Sound Blaster X3 is an excellent USB sound card. It offers great audio quality for both input and output, and is quite affordable, at $120. It's a pleasure to use for music, movies, and games alike, and you can even connect it the PS4 or Nintendo Switch.

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