A Date With A Cougar BXM 700 PSU

Source: The FPS Review A Date With A Cougar BXM 700 PSU

Having HEC Under The Hood Helps

The FPS Review takes their first look at a Cougar PSU, a partially modular BXM 700 700W 80 PLUS Bronze PSU which can be had for just under $100.  The ATX power and two EPS connectors are integral, the remaining cords which include four PCIe are modular and of a reasonable length.  The PSU uses a 135mm fan as opposed to a 120mm which does mean you should check the space in your case before picking it up.

The unit comes with a three year warranty and overall the build quality is decent.  The performance was well within spec, even under the torture test but The FPS Review have seen better performing units on their test bench, although perhaps not at this price.  If you like the look of the fan housing and need a PSU with a pair of EPS connectors for a high end motherboard it is worth a few minutes of your time to get the full story.

So, it has been a long time coming but, today, we are finally looking at one of the Cougar branded products. The unit we will be looking at is an entry-level enthusiast product in the guise of the BXM 700.

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