Building An RGB Gaming Machine On A Budget

Source: Neoseeker Building An RGB Gaming Machine On A Budget

Looking For Suggestions On A Flashy Media And Gaming Machine?

Neoseeker recently described planning and building a new machine to sit in a living room attached to a TV as an entertainment centre, and posted it for your reading pleasure.  They had several goals to meet, and with some thought and a little bit of luck they managed to hit them all.  The article demonstrates that for this type of system you can get everything you need while keeping to your budget.

In order to ensure the aesthetics of the system are top notch, with a clean build and lots of RGBs they thought about how much performance they actually need as opposed to how much it would be nice to have.  Picking up an older motherboard and CPU, in this case the MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC and a Ryzen 5 2600X ensures performance but lets them focus on parts that will have a greater impact on the performance of machine for the uses they intend.

A good SSD is top priority and the ADATA SU630 960GB checked all the boxes for the media server as well as helping with loading games.  The machine will never post amazing benchmarks but honestly, when watching movies and occasionally gaming on a TV does that really matter?  Follow that link to take a look at a rather different take on a system build if you have ever pondered setting up or upgrading a living room PC.

While planning this build, I had a few objectives in mind. Since it will be sitting on the floor next to a TV stand, it had to be esthetically pleasing without being flashy. I also wanted RGB lighting with some measure of control so it can be turned on and off as needed. Future upgrades were another aspect of this build. Most importantly, it had to fit motherboards up to ATX form factor, and the chassis needed to accommodate video cards up to 300mm in length.

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