SilverStone’s Compact PF240-ARGB AIO Cooler

Source: The FPS Review SilverStone’s Compact PF240-ARGB AIO Cooler

Great For A Quiet Compact System

The SilverStone PF240-ARGB AIO cooler has a waterblock smaller than most of the competition, the same as with their PF360-ARGB if you are familiar with that model.  They also stayed with the same pump but reduced the size of the radiator to handle two Air Blazer 120mm fans, as you would expect from the name. 

The FPS Review attached it to their new cooler test bed, which can pump out up to 500W to truly test the capabilities of the various coolers they test.  As you would expect, a 240mm radiator struggles with cooling such a powerful source of heat and a 360mm model is a much wiser choice if you are pumping out that much heat.

What the PF240-ARGB does do well is operate quietly under reasonable loads, with both the pump and fans operating at 100% it produced 49.4 dBA, but if you throttle the fans back to 600 RPM while keeping the pump at 100% that drops to 37.4 dBA.  If you are looking for a moderately powerful cooler that doesn’t make a lot of noise and don’t want to spend more than $100 this review is worth a closer look.

We do this to test AIO liquid cooling solutions that we are likely to use with some of today’s most demanding CPUs. So, on the bench today is the SilverStone PF240-ARGB (SST-PF240-ARGB) which is currently the second most capable cooler in SilverStone’s Permafrost line.

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