What To Expect From Horizon Zero Dawn; When It Runs

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN What To Expect From Horizon Zero Dawn; When It Runs

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The PC release of Horizon Zero Dawn is a tale of two extremes, either it runs and is a much better version of the game, or it doesn’t run at all or perhaps just incredible poorly.  Guerrilla Games is hard at work patching, so keep an eye out for updates if you have the game, otherwise wait for results of the patches before you pick it up.

If you are looking forward to picking up the game, Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN have tested several handfuls of GPUs to see what kind of performance you can expect once the game starts to behave itself.  The graphics settings are limited, as is traditional for console ports, you can choose between Favour Performance, Original, Favour Quality or Ultimate Quality and you should be able to guess what they would be equivalent to.

If you are looking for the best quality at 4K you will need the power of an RTX 2080 Ti and you will still be unlikely to be able to push past Favour Quality, an RTX 2060 would limit you to Favour Performance; testing AMD’s current cards they couldn’t get a decent frame rate at 4K even at the lowest settings.  If 1440p is your target an RTX 2060 can handle it, but you will need a 2070 Super to get Ultimate quality to run reasonably, for AMD an RX 590 will handle it at Original settings while an RX 5700 XT will get you Ultimate.

If you can get it to run, this port is often described as better than the original console release.

Despite a couple of hardware wiggles, and some tough moments with mouse and keyboard in a game shot through with PlayStation DNA, there is no pelican, and Horizon Zero Dawn is, for me, a very Bestest Best.

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  1. Rares

    You’re are payed by nvidia ? I’m playing in 4K butter smooth (47-68 FPS) @ultimate settings with a Ryzen 3700x, 16 GB RAM@3733 and a Sapphire 5700x Nitro+.

  2. Sam

    I’m 40 hours+ in the game with no issues what so ever. The devs doesn’t even care to fix it because they already released day 1 patch on the released date. I’m pretty sure It’s a individual hardware problem.

    • Vita

      Don’t know what you’re talking about.. a Day 1 patch doesn’t mean the devs aren’t going to further patch the game, many releases take several patches to smooth over for some systems and to catch all bugs. Guerrilla has already stated, twice, that a update is being worked on.

      • Sam

        Yeah so you might have to wait for several patches to fix your issues.

  3. DDeath Pigeon

    Competed the game last night not one crash. Ultra settings 3440×1440. Sounds like a lot of lazy journalism seen this same article several times. Do you hacks openly plagiarise each other?

    • Brother michigan

      This is literally a news article citing the results obtained by RPS. Nowhere does PCPer say these are the results they obtained.

      • Sebastian Peak

        But one person with one particular set of components, specific driver revisions, and specific OS build didn’t have any problems!! It must mean we’re hacks. Clearly, just publishing a properly-cited news post about a topic of possible interest to our readers isn’t enough.

  4. Eli

    Some setup issues that actually clued me into odd Nvidia drivers that weren’t updated.. then some audio issues with something that was concurrently updated. 2 crashes in game but after pausing and abusing alt+tab a lot. Weird glitch on Aloys left hip when talking at Rost later in game. But everything you do with aim using a mouse is a billion times better. Also is easier to move directions while looking other directions. But. Holding W doesn’t work… This is the worst. Just attack/rolled/whatever and need to be moving forward …. Nothing happens. Have to lift up and reclick… What even is that?

  5. Rob

    I have a 9900k with 2080 ti and 16GB of ram. I set everything on ultra but left motion blur off. I turned off dynamic resolution scaling and manually set fps to 60fps. When playing I get mostly 60 fps with only 5 fps drops so far.


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