Fore! QLC on PCIe 4.0 from The New Sabrent Rocket Q4

Source: Tweaktown Fore! QLC on PCIe 4.0 from The New Sabrent Rocket Q4

1, 2 Or 4TB?

Sabrent have released a Phison E16 controlled PCIe 4.0 Rocket SSD, which uses Micron QLC flash and a bit of DRAM onboard to bring the read speed up to almost 5000MBs.  It is QLC so your longevity drops, as does the price, ranging from 200TBW on the 1TB model to 800 for the 4TB model.  As all models come with a five year warranty you should be good to use these as a gaming drive but they should be avoided for high volume workloads.

The benchmark results are impressive, garnering some seriously high scores but Tweaktown also moved into real world tests as well.  In a 100GB test transfer, they saw 819MB/s second with little to no tapering off so smaller, more reasonable loads should see the same performance, if not better.  On the other hand the Final Fantasy Stormblood benchmark took a while to load so there are some workloads where QLC does show some slowdown.

If you are looking for large sized SSDs for your game collection to live on, but don’t want to break the bank then this is a review worth checking out.

Naturally, Sabrent is first to slap a Gen4 interface on a QLC SSD. Here's our full review of the Rocket Q4 NVMe drive at 2TB.

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  1. Jgr9

    $750 for 4TB still breaks my bank.

    • Ejay

      4tb use to cost 1599. So this is cheap.


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