Get One Up On The Competition With The 1Up 60HSE Black Carbon Fibre Keyboard Kit

Source: Overclockers Club Get One Up On The Competition With The 1Up 60HSE Black Carbon Fibre Keyboard Kit

Like A Keyboard Jedi …

In order to truly know a tool, perhaps you must build it yourself?  Then again an argument could be made that you are better off using something crafted by an expert, but that is not what DIY computer building is about; well at least for your first couple of dozen builds.  That spirit is what is behind 1Up’s 60HSE keyboard kit, which in the case of the Overclockers Club review contained a 1up60hse PCB, two carbon fibre plate, keyboard caps and 65 Gazzew Boba U4 silent tactile switches as well as a couple of extras.

This gives you the ability to build your keyboard from scratch, thus ensuring you know whom to lay any blame on.  1Up offers a huge selection of different plates, keycaps and switches, as well as being compatible with about any other models on the market, so you have a wide variety of components to choose from.  In this case it is really the 1up60hse PCB which is being reviewed, as it is where the magic happens.

The PCB and controller accept flash updates, so you can continue to tweak the keyboard’s functionality into the future as you want, which is an big departure from the norm.  OCC takes you thorough the process of assembling the parts so you can get a vague idea of what to expect during assembly as well as a cost overview; spoiler – no soldering required. They describe the entire process as being fun, so take a look and see if you agree or fall somewhere closer to the end of the spectrum which would consider this a bit of a hassle.

"The 1up60hse PCB features a 60% ANSI layout, which I believe is fairly standard and it looks just like the main group of keys on a full-size or tenkeyless keyboard, where the alphanumerics and modifiers are. There are no additional keys present, like the arrow keys or navigation keys, so to access those I will need to use layers.

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  1. Dr. Vibrato

    USD 200 for a keyboard that comes in pieces? Makes me wonder how much a Chinese factory worker has to pay to enjoy the fun of assembling keyboards. (I know, i know, like with other religious and spiritual things, there’s little point arguing with or about the “Church of Unbelievably Costly Keyboards”)


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