It Has 8 K’s! A Slightly Better Look At Crysis Remastered

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN It Has 8 K’s!  A Slightly Better Look At Crysis Remastered

If You Can Get Your Hands On An RTX 3080 FE And And 8K Display

Another Wednesday and another peek at Crysis Remastered.  Watching the YouTube video confirms what many commented on from the screenshot; the most obvious change is that Crytek cranked the colour saturation up to 110% or so.  It looks like we will indeed need to make a specific monitor profile for the game to try to bring the colours under control, assuming you don’t prefer it that way.

There were some features revealed or confirmed along with the video, the most interesting being that there will be software based SVOGI ray tracing so that any GPU can try their best to provide interesting lights, shadows and reflections.  There was also a lot of time spent on the nanosuit, as it does definitely look better than it did many, many moons ago.  The other data point is that the “Can It Run Crysis?” mode supports 8K and apparently it does live up to the old meme, as nothing currently on the market can manage anything more than a slideshow at that setting.

According to Crytek even a 2080 Ti attempting to run at reasonable framerates on this mode will be limited to 1080p, though 1440p might be a possibility.  From the results we’ve seen today the chances are that even the RTX 3080 is going to be hard pressed to hit 4K without dropping some settings; though the RTX 3090 might just manage.  As for 8K, we will have to wait on new hardware to check it out … not that 8K displays at 60Hz are all that common either.

Yes, there’s a quality setting called “Can It Run Crysis?” in Crysis Remastered, referencing the age-old joke about the original’s steep PC requirements – but more on that in a minute.

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