Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 Is Helping Get Orion To The Moon

Source: The Register Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 Is Helping Get Orion To The Moon

What Is A HoloLens 2 Good For?

If you guessed that was to help with designing and enhancing the next trip to the moon then you should probably buy a lotto ticket a you are seeing into the future.   Lockheed Martin have been using it to accelerate the construction of various projects and have found it to greatly speed some development steps.

The AR headset displays models and instructions over the surface of the spacecraft component they are working on, so there is no need to look away to reference instructions or a checklist.  The incorporation of gestures to control menus, often appearing floating over their wrists is also of great help, and likely to be amusing to watch as they work.

It will be a while before we see Artemis I and Artemis II launch, but the project is in full swing with the moon, and possibly Mars as targets.  The $3500 US price tag will keep this out of the hands of many, but for enterprise usage Microsoft seems to have effectively upgraded the original model and made it more attractive for engineers and technicians to use.

We will probably see even more as the virtual Ignite conference continues.

The tech first saw use by the aerospace outfit in 2017, and the latest incarnation has seen some tasks completed 90 per cent faster, according to Shelley Peterson, Lockheed Martin's principal investigator for augmented and mixed reality.

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