More Details About The Xbox All Access Pass

Source: Slashdot More Details About The Xbox All Access Pass

The Best Deal In Gaming But Mind The Strings

If you were watching the podcast last night we were speculating on how good a deal it would be compared to buying a Xbox Series X or Series S outright; today it is more clear what kind of deal it is.  Regardless of the model you choose there is no money down, only the monthly fee which you are locked into for two years, in order to cancel you would need to pay off the remainder of the contract but you do still get to keep the console.

Looking at the costs in the US, the Xbox Series S, the cost is $24.99/month, so a hair under $600 for the full two years while the Xbox Series X is $34.99/month and would cost you a bit over $800.  In both cases that actually ends up slightly less expensive than directly purchasing the console and subscribing to two years of GamePass.

You may wonder if there are strings attached to this deal and the answer is a definite yes.  For one thing this deal will only available in a dozen countries at launch and seems to require a visit to a physical retailer, you won’t be dealing with Microsoft directly.  The list of countries is likely to expand but at launch you should ensure it is available in your local.

The other string involves Citizens One bank, a US based financial institution which you will have to open a line of credit with.  The credit line doesn’t carry fees or interest and you can pay it off whenever you feel like without penalty, but you do have to qualify.  That ensures Microsoft will get paid in full up front, your responsibility is paying off the line of credit. 

The other consideration about the total price is the fact that the Gamepass is often put on sale, so if you keep on top of all the deals you might be able to save more purchasing the console outright.  The details can be found here if you want to crunch the numbers and check out the retailers that have partnered with Microsoft.

With Xbox All Access, you make a two-year commitment to pay $24.99/month (for the Xbox Series S) or $34.99/month (for the Xbox Series X). In exchange for that commitment, you get the relevant hardware upfront, to keep, as well as a two-year subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Game Pass Ultimate usually costs $14.99/month, so your All Access monthly payments end up a bit higher to make up for that "free" upfront hardware.

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