PC Perspective Podcast #596 – Prep 4 Ampere, AMD Bike?, XBOX S, Pregnancy DOOM, Zen 3

Join us this week as we discuss updating our test bench with the new RTX 3000 series GPUs in mind, AMDfans releases a bike, the XBOX series X and S look like a good deal, you can play DOOM on pretty much everything, AMD announces their announcement for Zen 3 and upcoming 6000 series GPUs, Gabe wants you to have one of his Falcons – Northwest that is – and we make some fun picks.  There’s talk of a burger, a great ball swivel to help you get on top of your subject, and the very last screwdriver you will ever need.

Show Topics

  • Timestamps: Intro 00:11
  • Burger Update 01:06
  • Rebuilding the GPU Testbed with AMD 02:18
  • AMD Mountain Bike 17:00
  • AMD Event Announcement 18:58
  • Xbox Series X and S Pricing 25:06
  • Doom … On a Digital Pregnancy Tester? 32:18
  • Gabe Newell Falcon Northwest Giveaway 35:17
  • Picks of the Week 42:36
  • Outro 49:56
Picks of the Week (*Affiliate Links)

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