Theoretical RTX 3080 FE GPGPU Performance

Source: The FPS Review Theoretical RTX 3080 FE GPGPU Performance

The Performance Is Real, Physically Possessing The RTX 3080 FE Is Theoretical

One aspect of the new Ampere cards that we didn’t focus on was it’s use as a GPGPU in workstation tasks, which used to be the exclusive territory of the Quadro family until recently.  The new RTX Titan could certainly come closer to the performance of current Quadro cards, so what about the elusive RTX 3080?  How does the new card stack up, and what can it’s performance tell us about the RTX 3090?  That is exactly what The FPS Review decided to find out.

Compared to the three flavours of the RTX 2080 in many cases the 3080 doubles the performance of the 2080 Ti, let alone the SUPER or FE versions.  In other cases the increase is more modest but in every single case the RTX 3080 beasts the $1200+ RTX 2080 Ti and the others of that generation.  The new card is also compatible with NVIDIA’s Studio driver, to give you access to enhancements specific to workstation tasks.

With price and performance like this on the RTX 3080 and the RTX 3090 just around the corner and even more powerful, one wonders what NVIDIA has cooked up for it’s next generation of Quadro cards, whenever they might arrive.

We are going to compare the GPGPU, Compute, and Workstation aspects of performance from this video card. GPUs can do much more than gaming, and are often used by content creators, professionals, and in workstations to accelerate common GPGPU or Compute oriented tasks.

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