Xbox Series X $499 On November 10th

Source: Polygon Xbox Series X $499 On November 10th

RTX 3070 Or Xbox Series X?

Gamers might have a choice to make, spend $500 on a new NVIDIA GPU, or on an AMD powered next generation console.  Microsoft released the details earlier today, confirming the existence of the Series S and giving pricing for both models.  The flagship Series X will run you $499, while the tiny disk-less Series S will run $299, both can be pre-ordered on September 22nd but neither will arrive until November 10th.

That Series S is significantly smaller than the Series X, looking like a small bookshelf speaker, in part because of the prominent fan on the side.  It is deigned to handle 1440p gaming at up to 120fps, but is still capable of video playback at 4K and theoretically upscaling games to 4k as well.  You will still be able to benefit from ray tracing and the console equivalent of Freesync, even with the lower cost.

If you don’t want to buy Microsoft’s new console you can also choose to fork over $24.99 a month for the use of an Xbox and an Xbox Game Pass with the all new Xbox All Access which will be available in many countries.  There will also be an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which came about from a  partnership with EA, anyone who opts for that will get an EA Play membership in addition to the other benefits of the Xbox Game Pass.

The next few months are going to be a very busy time for hardware enthusiasts.

Microsoft’s next-generation consoles, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, will be released on Nov. 10, Microsoft announced on Wednesday. Microsoft also confirmed the price of Xbox Series X: $499. Pre-orders will open on Sept. 22.

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  1. David Bayless

    Why not wait for AMD to release their cards too (hopefully being better value than Nvidia’s, or forcing Nvidia to drop their prices), and only then decide if you want to play all your PC games at 1440P/4K or get a next-gen console, assuming there are enough great titles available at that time?


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