Ye Gods! Look At That RTX 3090 Go As Quick As It Sold Out

Source: TechPowerUp Ye Gods!  Look At That RTX 3090 Go As Quick As It Sold Out

Gigabyte’s Two New Offerings, The RTX 3090 And The Eagle Family

The RTX 3090 may be the first component in a long time which actually lives up to every smegging manufacturer boast and frelling press release; more so than even a Titan ever did.  The benchmarks are essentially ridiculous until you hit 4k, as the card happily blows past an average of 100fps in all cases and makes the case for extremely fast adaptive sync displays which might actually be able to keep up with the card itself.  At 1080p it averages 200 FPS for crying out loud.

In TechPowerUp’s review a few things are revealed in certain games, which are worth noting.  In Anno 1880 for instance the framerate is 68fps, regardless of the resolution it is played at; signifying it is the CPU that can’t keep up and not the RTX 3090.  Borderlands 3 is similar, over 100fps until 4k which drops it to a mere 80fps which you can also see in Project Cars.

Red Dead Redemption 2 and Control are actually visually rich enough to push the card … a little.  For RDR2 it scales from 125FPS at 1080p to 105FPS at 1440p to down to a “mere” 73FPS at 4K; for Control it is a larger impact, from 155FPS at 1080p down to 55FPs at 4K.  If you make use of DLSS you can increase that a bit, and if you intend to RTX your games at 4K you will definitely want to make use of the new DLSS.

Now for the bad news, the price they are charging is at least $1500 with some of the third party cards costing significantly higher.  That is twice the price of the RTX 3080 and the fact is that the RTX 3090 will not give you twice the performance, either in gaming or in the various productivity tests performed by TweakTown in the first review below the fold. 

Of course, all this is moot if you are still looking to buy one.  They are all gone; just like the RTX 3080’s.


Gigabyte debuts its Eagle brand of graphics cards to the enthusiast segment. Slotted between the WindForce OC and AORUS Gaming series, the RTX 3090 Eagle OC covers all the bases and bling gamers need, at MSRP price. It also comes with a power connector innovation.

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