BIOSTAR B550MH; Micro-ATX, Micro Price

Source: The FPS Review BIOSTAR B550MH; Micro-ATX, Micro Price

Guaranteed RGB Free

BioStar’s micro-ATX board will run you just under $100 and has a very simple black design without and integral RGBs nor any headers for such either.  With a board of this size the features are somewhat physically limited but BioStar has still managed to get quite a bit onboard.  The two DIMM slots are dual channel, with a 64GB maximum, 1 M.2 and 4 SATA for storage, a PCIe 16x and two PCIe 1x slots.  As you would expect from this generation of AMD motherboard the M.2 and PCIe 16x slot are both PCIe 4.0.

You don’t get any USB-C ports on the board but you do get two PS/2 ports for maximum compatibility with older hardware though!  There are still quite a few USB-A ports, a four USB 3.2 ports on the back and an additional four supported by an internal header as well as six USB 2.0 ports of which four are handled by a header.  For graphics you can chose between D-SUB and HDMI outputs. 

The FPS Review determined this board to be perfect for business usage, where the lack of additional add-in cards and limited overclocking won’t matter and the available features will satisfy the vast majority of users.  Get more information in their review.

The BIOSTAR B550MH Version 6.0 motherboard can be described as a fully capable motherboard for AMD Ryzen (Zen 2 and Zen 3) but with a lean configuration of the chipset, and legacy connectivity.

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