Fancy Up Your System with G.SKILL Trident Z Royal DDR4-4000

Source: TechPowerUp Fancy Up Your System with G.SKILL Trident Z Royal DDR4-4000

Fast And Filigreed

G.SKILL’s Trident Z Royal DIMMs are designed with one of the fanciest heatspreaders on the market and the newest generation is no different.  The RGBs on the DIMMs shine through the crystalline light bars and offer a unique look for your system, not to mention offering serious performance as well.

This 16GB dual channel DDR4-4000 kit has timings of 15-16-16-36 if you load up the XMP settings, which are tight enough to be considered about the best you will be able to manage on these DIMMs.  The frequency on the other hand can be raised, with TechPowerUp managing to hit 4533MHz, which will give you a bit more performance than the XMP settings.

Currently these can be yours for $210, so there isn’t even much of a price premium on them either, which makes this new Trident Z Royal kit a good choice for those looking for DDR4-400.

With looks fit for a king and performance to match, the Trident Z Royal from G.SKILL is back. This time featuring even better XMP specifications with impressive CL15 timings at 4000 MHz. This kit is not only fast, but also looks glamorous on your shelf or when installed.

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