Infinite Loop Of Master With The Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML280

Source: Hardware Asylum Infinite Loop Of Master With The Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML280

Master Of The Cooler Infinity Zone

Do you like watercooling and infinity mirrors and wish that you could enjoy them both at the same time?  If you answered yes then you need to check out Cooler Master’s new MasterLiquid ML280 Mirror cooler, with a very fancy looking pump/cooler top.  You can see the infinity RGBs on the last page of Hardware Asylum’s review but you shouldn’t skip to the end immediately as there is more to this cooler than just the looks.

The ML280 uses a dual chamber design in the cold plate, which allows changes to where fluid is directed to cool the CPU, similar to what you would find on a self build custom cooling loop.  The hoses are also moved the side, in a position to make installation easier on a variety of motherboards.

It isn’t just a pretty cooler, it tamed an i9-9900K at stock speeds and overclocked to 5.3Ghz as well.  Check out their full review here.

In this review I’ll be looking at the MasterLiquid ML280 Mirror from Cooler Master. This is a dual 140mm AIO watercooling unit that supports addressable RGB (ARGB) lights and features an infinity mirror across the top of the pump.

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