Intel Reveals 8 Core 11th Gen Rocket Lake

Source: Intel Intel Reveals 8 Core 11th Gen Rocket Lake

1th Gen Intel Core S-Series

Intel has turned the silicon wheel again, and revealed to us a bit more information on their upcoming 11th Generation CPUs based on Cypress Cove Cores. With an expected availability of early next year, these new CPUs will top out at 8 cores and 16 threads – which is 2 fewer cores then their current 10th Generation – and appears to max out at the same 250W power rating. Perhaps they are expecting to gain additional performance through the reported improvement in IPC (Instructions Per Clock)? These new cores, designated Cypress Cove, are based on Ice Lake combined with Tiger Lake graphics but all ported “back” from 10nm to Intel’s long-lasting 14nm process. I’m sure there is an interesting story there.

Intel reports “double digit” gains in IPC for 11th Gen, making their play for the single threaded performance crown again. Perhaps in conjunction with their “new overclocking features and capabilities”, it could be very competitive. Intel also estimates the Enhanced UHD Graphics featuring the Xe Graphics Architecture improves iGPU performance by around 50% from the previous (previous) 9th Generation.

Rounding out the expected enhancements are official compatibility with DDR4-3200, support for PCIe 4.0 (20 lanes of it now), more advanced on-chip iGPU encoding for 4k60 12bit HEVC, VP9 & SCC and deep learning algorithm boosts. Certain features like having PCIe 4.0, a better memory controller, support for USB 3.2 (20gb/s) and improved IPC will – on paper – have them keeping up with competitor CPUs in several ways. Pricing and other details remain to be seen, and testing will always prove more interesting then just talking about it. Until 2021 for that then.

Within the notations of the release from Intel is another tidbit. There will be an Intel Series 500 chipset to support their 11th Gen CPUs, and no indication on whether that will be required or not for Cypress Cove. Was Z490 a one and done platform?

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  1. Brett Hood

    Hey Brett

    Good article there. Why I wonder ported back from 10nm (love to know the inside story there.) AMD is already pumping out 10 and 7 nm chips and has been for some time. Intel has some serious catching up to do here.

    • Brett VanSprewenburg

      Thanks very much. I think the short answer is that they have a more efficient core on their 10nm offering and ported that architecture to 14mm to put a sizable performance improvement in IPC within their mainstream CPUs. There are few rumors circulating of leaked metrics showing significant improvement in single core – think 20%+. An interesting question is what they might have left out or the eventual size of the chip to use their “larger” process node?


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