PC Perspective Podcast #599 – RTX Capacitor Gate? Ryzen 7 Leaks, Sabrent QLC Gen4, Spaaace games, and more!

Join us this week for a virtual gathering around the high refresh rate monitor and warming our hands with graphics card exhaust. Ahhhh…..

On this show, we go over Nvidia’s 3080 / 3090 “capacitor-gate” and what seems like a software fix, an alleged Ryzen 7 5800X leak & upcoming AGESA patches, QLC nand invades the PCIe Gen4 SSD space, we discuss the experience ARS had with an early access Xbox Series X and “1000” older titles, early look at a secure USB drive and SPAAACE Combat Games! There is a burger update, and your screen is briefly edible during that sequence.

Also: Bad X300 Drive! Bad Drive! See what you did? Plus more if you can possibly stand it.

Please also remember that our Patreon members get the uncut version with additional fine discussion served in a slightly dirty glass. And zucchini’s. And Josh’s bush – tomato that is.

Show Topics

  • Intro 00:05
  • Burger Update 02:34
  • RTX 30 Series Capacitor Drama Resolved? 03:16
  • AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Performance Leak 20:21
  • Sabrent Brings QLC To Gen4 SSDs 24:33
  • Ars Gets the Xbox Series X Early 32:42
  • Yet Another AGESA Update From AMD 37:12
  • Space Games Update Interlude 41:00
  • iStorage DATASHUR BT Preview 48:34
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