PC Perspective Podcast #600 – Tune in for the reviews and banter, stay for the aftershow!

It’s the episode you’ve been waiting for without actually knowing you were waiting for it. Our #600th show. That’s a lot for those keeping score.

Within this show, please find where we go full review on the iStorage datAshur BT super controllable encrypted USB storage, the Corsair K100 RGB Gaming Keyboard (Lasers!?), Crucial’s fast portable and “feels-good-in-the-hand” X6 and X8 SSDs, how about some UEFI hacks – and Macs not immune from this style of attack, Nvidia’s GTC 2020 recap, SK Hynix brings DDR5 to market, a bit on the ARM / Nvidia supercomputer and a teaser on our upcoming Zen3 chat and we’re out! Nyet! We’re not done! We’ve included the aftershow here, with maybe some special OG PCPer guests! Show #600! Wooooohooo! Yeah. Despite tremendous pressure to make the show entirely about the upcoming Zen 3 release, we buck the trends and do our own #600 show. (Pssst, see special programming note below).

Also if you are paying close attention, there is a cute puppy. WARNING! Not all PCPer shows or events will include a cute puppy.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: This was recorded the night before AMD’s event, and we have a separate video with Ryzen 5000 Series discussion – so go there if you need a nice “fireside” chat.

Remember that our Patreon members get the 99.9% uncut version of #600 – with only the personal data accidentally shared screen removed. It’s like 10 seconds. You’ll never even miss it. The cuts are sublime.

Show Topics

  • 00:36 Intro Part 1
  • 02:02 When Josh Met Ryan
  • 04:10 Intro Part 2
  • 07:01 Burger Update
  • 07:55 iStorage DATASHUR BT
  • 14:33 CORSAIR K100 RGB Keyboard
  • 20:52 Crucial X6 and X8 Portable SSDs
  • 33:12 UEFI Hacks
  • 40:55 GTC 2020 Recap
  • 43:42 RTX 3070 Delay
  • 45:26 SK Hynix First To Market with DDR5
  • 47:50 Arm/NVIDIA Cambridge-1 Supercomputer
  • 50:11 Outro…OR IS IT??!!
  • 50:20 (We thought the podcast was over, and then…)
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  1. Pholostan

    Honing oil? Oh, you’re a bad man, lol


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