See The Click With The Corsair K100 RGB OPX Optical-Mechanical Keyboard

Source: Neoseeker See The Click With The Corsair K100 RGB OPX Optical-Mechanical Keyboard

Double Shot Keycaps, 200 Profiles And A Fancy Wrist Rest

Corsair have released a new full sized keyboard, the K100 RGB which makes use of their OPX optical-mechanical key switches, though you could opt for Cherry MX Speed if you wanted to.  The OPX switches rely on a beam of infrared light to detect keystrokes, so you get no debounce whatsoever to interfere with a smooth keypress.  The switches have an actuation distance of 1mm and take 45g of actuation force to depress, with a total travel of 3.2mm.

Physically it is similar to the K95 RGB PLATINUM XT, and it comes with a removable memory foam and plastic wrist wrest.  At the top you will find an iCUE wheel to help you manage the eight RGB zones. There are also six dedicated macro keys with textured two piece ABS keycaps which can be programmed for a variety of tasks including Elgato Stream Deck compatibility. 

Connectivity is handled by two USB 3.0 cords, splitting from a single plug on the keyboard side and offering a 4000Hz USB report rate, with a single USB 2.0 pass-through port.  You can read our recent review right here! Or pick up even more info at Neoseeker as well as below the fold.

While the K100 RGB shares some design and functionality aspects with the amazing K95 RGB PLATINUM XT I looked at a while back, it offers some unique features that puts it on a whole different level. It comes equipped with two of CORSAIR's proprietary technologies: AXON Hyper Processing for unparalleled throughput and OPX Optical-Mechanical switches for hyper-fast actuation.

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