The Quiet SilverStone AR01 V3 CPU Cooler

Source: The FPS Review The Quiet SilverStone AR01 V3 CPU Cooler

A Familiar Cooler With A New Colour Scheme

The FPS Review just redid their entire cooler testbed, to better match the extreme rig they used to test the new coolers which claim to be able to cool TDPs of 500W and more, after all the 10980XE is a product that exists now.  The new testbed has a Ryzen 7 2700X and ASUS PRIME X470-Pro, the CPU is run at default settings as well as at an overclock of 4.1GHz.  Every cooler they strap on will be tested at the maximum fan speed the cooler can manage as well as 1500, 1000 and 600 RPM to give you a look at several different usage scenarios.

The first cooler that was tested on this new setup was Silverstone’s AR01 V3, which is essentially the same as the previous three versions apart from a slight difference in colour and the inclusion of ASUS TUF Gaming Alliance decals.  When tested for RGBs, the results came back clean, there is no sign of infection whatsoever.

Their tests show the 420g, 120mm (W) x 159mm (H) x 50mm (D) (4.72 x 6.26  x 1.97″) cooler is built to offer relatively quiet performance as apart from supporting impressive overclocks.  While it could only handle the overclocked 2700X at full fan speed, running default clocks it would keep the temperature happily below 70C at 1000RPM while only producing 38.7dB.  At full speed the temperature hovered around 69C while producing only 51.9dB. See the full results for yourself.

So, on the bench today is the SilverStone AR01 V3 (SST-AR01-V3) which is part of SilverStone’s Argon series and it is cobranded with the ASUS TUF Gaming Alliance. Per SilverStone, there are no performance differences between the V2, V2.1, and V3 of the AR01 cooler as the only differences are the color scheme, decals, and branding.

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