2020 Hackaday Prize, Now Almost Anyone Can BYTE Their Computer

Source: Hackaday 2020 Hackaday Prize, Now Almost Anyone Can BYTE Their Computer

A Computer Interface You Can Get Your Teeth Into

The winning projects from the various categories of the 2020 Hackaday Prize have been announced, with a new hands free computer interface called the BYTE.  It resembles a tiny controller, with a d-pad and bite sensor offering much finer control than current breath controllers available for those with physical challenges, and is contained in an easily and cheaply available pacifier tip for comfort and sterility.

The d-pad acts as a mouse, as well as a programmable button when even pressure is applied and when used in conjunction with the bite sensor, without a bite it allows you to scroll through a page.   The bite sensor treats a short firm bite as a click from a mouse, while a long bite can be programmed to another custom input.  This will let a large number of people with little to no control over most of their body to still be able to access the internet, work and play.

Fellow mosquito haters will appreciate the Solar Scare Mosquito 2.0 which not only prevents nymphs from maturing by causing motion on the surface of the water they are growing it but is also capable of measuring the species and sex of mosquitoes that pass by.  For those working in the field, a inexpensive UV wand for use with ultraviolet-curable adhesives will be a great addition to building projects. 

There are far more, such as 3D printable wind turbines for power, exoskeleton gloves, or a  piezoresistive dye that lets you turn your clothing into a sensor for a variety of inputs.  Check out all the projects here.

This year’s Hackaday Prize focused on challenges put forth by four non-profit partners who have first hand knowledge of the problems that need solving as they work to accomplish their missions. These organizations are Conservation X Labs, United Cerebral Palsy Los Angeles, CalEarth, and Field Ready. Join us below for more on the grand prize winner and to see the Best in Category and Honorable Mention winners from each non-profit challenge, as well as the Best Wildcard project.

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