A Compact Home For Your High End Components, The ASUS ROG Z11 mini ITX

Source: Guru of 3D A Compact Home For Your High End Components, The ASUS ROG Z11 mini ITX

It’s Well Endowed For A Mini ITX Case

The ASUS ROG Z11 mini-ITX chassis is a fair bit larger than you might guess, as it is designed to house a high end GPU and keep it from throttling.  One would not tend to expect to find three 140mm and two 120mm fans, or their liquid equivalents, in a case for a 7″x7″ motherboard but that is exactly what ASUS went for in the Z11.   It measures 531 x 194 x 386mm (20.9″ x 7.6″ x 15.2″) which allows it to house a GPU of up to 12.6″ and a CPU cooler of up to 130mm in height, again unexpected in a mini-ITX case.

The case can function in landscape mode, or portrait as you can see above, in part because the design does not allow the back panel of the motherboard to extend to the back of the case, instead it has gaps you can feed your wires through.  That odd solution sets the tone for the cable management, which was not Guru 3D’s favourite part about this case.

On the other hand, it does look snazzy, with tempered glass on the front and side to show off your components and overall the external design is clean.  If you find that you like the look of the case, and are shopping around for a cool home for a small motherboard it is worth taking a look through the review as there are several other unique choices ASUS made which you will need to work with if you do set up a system in the Z11.

We review the ASUS ROG Z11 in a dark finish, a PC housing for small form factor motherboards. This Mini-ITX ready chassis has a trick or two that will astonish you in terms of style, USB 3.x options. Next to that, it's so cute but also .. very confusing.

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  1. Marlon L Pineda

    Nice case…a new take on the standard mid sized ATX case. But with an ITX. Board support only. It’s about the dimensions of any mid ATX I’ve over owned. In fact I think I’ve had smaller mid ATX cases, just wide enough for 5.5″ add-in DVD burners and at about 6 inches. Probably about 20″ high too.

    I still think the most unique ITX is Phantek Evolv Shift and Evolv Shift X. The latter which will support full length cards. The only issue is they are really meant for liquid cooling but can be made air cooling effective with some fan rearranging.

    • Dr. Vibrato

      One more of those cases that barely manage to fit an ITX board and a GPU into a ~40 liter volume. How quaint…


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