PC Perspective Podcast #604 – Ryzen 5000 Review, Apple M1 Preview, 3070 Overclocking, Meshify 2 + more!

AMD is totally killing it lately with their CPUs and we discuss the heck of them right from the start.
Ok, that’s not totally true – there’s a burger update and then Ryzen 5000 series discussion.

We touch on the latest benchmarks from the AMD RX6k series, overclocking the 3070 FE to exceed the 2080ti (as if you have one), we dig on the Raspberry Pi in a keyboard and we go over the photography from the Fractal Design Meshify 2 review and talk about the case itself! There’s plenty of time spent on the new Apple M1 SoC architecture and other wiiiiide ranging discussions, but you probably knew that. It’s a long show, get a beverage.

Warning! The discussion on the Fractal Design Meshify 2 spends more time discussing the photos then the review!

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Sebastian’s hairstyle by the Matt Besser virtual salon. No Voodoo3 cards were harmed during the making of this video.

Show Topics

  • 00:06 Intro
  • 01:32 Josh Shares a Shocking Video Card Story
  • 02:50 Burger Update
  • 05:07 AMD Ryzen 5000 Review Extravaganza
  • 44:32 AMD’s Radeon RX 6000 Gaming Benchmarks Page
  • 51:22 Apple M1 Discussion
  • 1:20:54 RTX 3070 FE Overclocking
  • 1:23:11 Raspberry Pi 400 Keyboard PC
  • 1:27:18 Fractal Meshify 2 Case Photography Review
  • 1:44:08 Picks of the Week
  • 1:55:31 Outro
Picks of the Week

Video News

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  1. jimesnake

    by the time we get rtx 3080 they will be out of date keep what you got for now prob new cards coming in 1 years time


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