SilverStone DA1650, When You Need 1650W Of Power

Source: The FPS Review SilverStone DA1650, When You Need 1650W Of Power

Caution, High Voltage Reviews Ahead

If you come up with a reason you would need a single 12V line capable of delivering 1650W at 137.5A then SilverStone has a PSU you for you.  The SilverStone DA1650 delivers an utterly insane amount of power, and you don’t even need to plug it into a high amperage plug!

While it is bigger than your average PSU, at just over 7″ it is one of the smallest of the PSUs available with similar wattage.  For one thing, that allows the use of a 135mm fan to keep the PSU cool and operates fairly quietly until it hits peak load which is an impressive feat.  In The FPS Reviews testing it managed efficiency between 89.05% to 94.04% at 120v AC input and 87.03% to 91.18% efficiency at 100v AC which backs up the 80 PLUS Gold rating claimed on the box.   With a PSU of this capacity, that might actually save you a few dollars on your electrical bill.

Pop over to see why this PSU earned Gold from The FPS Review.

For this review, we are looking at the big daddy of them all the DA1650 (SST-DA1650-G) which is the largest capacity product in SilverStone’s Decathlon series. It is produced in conjunction with Sirfa.

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