Fast External Storage With The New WD My Passport SSDs

Source: Tweaktown Fast External Storage With The New WD My Passport SSDs

Your Passport To The Land Of Fast External Storage

Western Digital’s new portable SSD takes advantage of USB 3.2 Gen 2 to make transfers as quick and painless as possible.  Tweaktown’s testing shows that for sequential data you can expect 1043 MB/s read and 1013 MB/s write, not quite internal storage speeds but incredibly impressive for an external drive.

This Passport uses the same WD SN550e controller that the SanDisk Extreme makes use of, indeed the internal components are incredibly similar between the two.   The metal shell is available in gold, red, blue, and gray, and offers decent protection, after all the WD Passport is likely to spend most of it’s time squirreled away in a bag.  As long as you aren’t too rough on it the five year warranty should cover any issues you encounter.

The drive features encryption via the WD Security app and you are also able to use the software to schedule automatic backups.  This external drive may be one of the fastest TweakTown has tested, but at $200 it doesn’t do so well on the price to performance comparison.  While other drives may be a bit slower at transferring data, they are significantly cheaper and thus score well. 


My Passport continues to deliver with an all-new SSD model with a USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface. Join us we explore the 1TB model here.

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