Who Needs A Hitman When A New 007 Game Is Coming Out

Source: HEXUS Who Needs A Hitman When A New 007 Game Is Coming Out

No, You Still Can’t Pick Oddjob!

In a world overrun by reboots and origin stories comes word of a new game which might be worthy of it’s historic original.  James Bond is coming back to the small screen as IO interactive, creators of the Hitman series, released a teaser trailer.  Sadly, unless one of the maps involves you shrinking down and playing inside the gun barrel which has started the theme song of Bond movies since the beginning, there is no sign of game play.

All we actually know is that this will be Bond’s origin story, covering how he earned his double 0 status and will likely feature his predecessor.  Currently IO is in the process of hiring talent to develop the game so it will be quite some time before we see anything more about what the game will look like.

The design of the Hitman series would certainly lend itself to creating a good Bond game, though hopefully they will expand on the multiplayer capability beyond what you saw in Hitman 2.

After dropping a few clues and social media teases IO Interactive has confirmed that it is working on a brand new James Bond video game. The new game has a working title of 'Project 007' and is said to encompass the James Bond origin story.

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  1. Ryan Shart

    Activision is shitty, scummy company, yet they got the license to publish 007 games at some point. I still boght them knowing how shitty Acti is, i’m a sucker for 007 games(at least on pc, i’d never buy them on a game console). with that said, I am still bitter about not being able to get 007 legends on pc. I knew it was released at the time and was heavy into playing COD, so I told myself i’ll wait until a sale the following year(2013) and get it then, but then acti pulled it from sale.
    I love playing the quantum of solace and bloodstone(got those on disc that I’ll replay once or twice a year, just because I love the corny aspects of it).
    I’ll definnitely get this on pc whenever it does release

    maybe at some point i’ll come across a copy of legends for pc in a half-priced-books, lol


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