G.SKILL’s New ENKI Series AIO Liquid Coolers

Source: G.Skill G.SKILL’s New ENKI Series AIO Liquid Coolers

Slay Heat With The New High Performance ENKI Watercoolers

G.SKILL have launched a new family of AiO watercoolers, available in 360mm, 280mm, and 240mm models to ensure that you can choose to install one in a variety of cases.  No matter the size you chose, the ENKI features nine bladed hydro-bearing fans, ARGB lighting, and a handy mounting bracket kit.  The solid copper cold plate is convex in shape and inside are stair-shaped high-density micro-fins to maximize heat transferal as water passes through the cold plate and over your CPU.

The radiator features high density piping, G.Skill states the 360mm and 240mm variants of the ENKI feature up to four more radiator pipes than the competition, while the 280mm variant has six more radiator pipes.  It will be very interesting to see how effective that is once we can get one on a test bed.

G.SKILL's New ENKI Series AIO Liquid Coolers - Cases and Cooling 2

The coolers come with 3-pin ARGB motherboard connectors to help contribute to that RGB glow emanating from your system and the high pressure fans are PWM as you would expect.  The tubing has an 8mm internal diameter and a clean looking nylon exterior to help with both flow and the overall aesthetics of your system. 

No word on pricing as of yet, but if your interest is piqued there is a video below you can check out.

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