Would You Like Me When I’m Angry? RX 6800 XT Rage Mode Tested

Source: The FPS Review Would You Like Me When I’m Angry?  RX 6800 XT Rage Mode Tested

Quiet, Balanced And RAGE!!!

Along with the performance boosts that the Radeon RX 6800 XT offers comes a new preset mode which will let you safely overclock with the push of a mouse button, something RX 6800 owners will not have.  Rage mode is available under Presets in your Catalyst driver, and in the case of a stock RX 6800 XT Rage mode increases your Game clock to 2065 MHz and the Boost clock to to 2310 MHz.  This mode is supported by AMD so should not cause instability and will not void your warranty.

The challenge that Rage mode faces is that benchmarks have shown that many 6800 XT’s can reach those frequencies without having to enable Rage mode, great news for everyone but those trying to sell Rage mode as a big feature.  The FPS Review’s testing demonstrated this, as the difference between the performance of their reference cards 6800XT Rage mode differs from the stock setup by a single frame, if even that.  The results fall within the margin of error for the tests so it is hard to say that Rage mode will do anything for a reference card.

However, results may be different on partner cards, as AMD plainly states in the reviewer guide, “performance headroom can vary from one chip to the next, and it will also depend on the cooler design of the card in question“.   This could mean that partner cards will indeed see an increase in performance with Rage mode enabled.  As more testing is done we will be able to confirm or reject that hypothesis.

In our comparison review today, we are going to directly compare performance at default versus Rage Mode on the reference AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT video card sampled by AMD. In this way, we can see what, if any, game performance advantages there really are.

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