TeamGroup MP33 PRO; Inexpensive TLC Storage

Source: Guru of 3D TeamGroup MP33 PRO; Inexpensive TLC Storage

PCIe 3.0,TLC, Ten Cents A Gig

There is a lot to like about Teamgroup’s MP33 Pro drive, not least that the 1TB model is selling for $99 on Amazon.  It is still PCIe 3.0, but as many tests have shown the difference in between PCIe 4.0 and 3.0 is barely noticeable for gamers and casual users.  The Phison 5013-E13 controller should offer up to 2500 MB/s sequential read, 2100 MB/s sequential writes on a 1TB or larger drive, which was what the Guru of 3D really wanted to test.

As you might expect, for the first 20GB or so the drive performs admirably, but once it hits that limit we see the usual drop in performance TLC is vulnerable to.  You certainly see that performance hit in synthetic benchmarks, as well as in their 64GB video capture test where the throughput drops to 1500 MB/s after 20 seconds.  That is still not too bad and will leave QLC alternatives in the dust.  When they tested game loading and other common tasks, the drive easily keeps up with the pack.

Teamgroup is offering a five year warranty or a total of 600 TB written, whichever comes first; not to shabby for a drive of this price.  Take a gander at the full results in Guru 3D’s review.

Powered by a Phison 5013-E13 controller and paired with 3D TLC NAND and a 5-year warranty we check out the new PRO series NVMe M2 SSDs from TeamGroup. The series is not targeted at an enthusiast audience but rather is released as a value to mainstream SSD with decent enough performance. But will that be enough?

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  1. willmore

    I hope it performs better than the non-PRO version of the MP33. I purchased mine two months ago. I’m very disappointed by the performance. I even took it out of my PC and put it in an external USB3.2 (10Gb/s) case to replace some USB flash drives–because that’s the performance class it’s in. Also, it runs *hot* all the time. Not just when busy which M.2 drives do normally, but this drive idles at 67C!


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