The Empire Of Sin Strikes Back

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I’m Funny How, I Mean Funny Like I’m A Clown?

Paradox Interactive and Romero Games join effort, Empire of Sin, has arrived and of you want to know what it is like you can read through the review posted by Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN.  The game is a mix of resource management and combat, as you slowly build a criminal empire and absorb various buildings into your gang, each with various types of income, in a way sort of similar to the old Syndicate game.  At the same time, if diplomacy fails, you may find yourself shotgunning your way into ownership, or defending assets you have already taken over.

The combat system is a little like XCOM, with cover, movement points and overwatch but as RPS points out, it feels a little odd to blast someone in street clothes with a shotgun only to see half of their their health bar disappear.  The combat is fine when you are expecting it, but as they discovered while playing you and your mob boss will often be torn out of tension filled discussions to handle an assault on one of your joints.

The overall interface presents you with a third person view of Chicago’s streets, allowing you to scroll in to see your gangsters and details of the block they are on, or scroll out until the view changes to bird’s eye view of the various districts.   When zoomed out you can see the territory of rival gangs as well as the location of their goons, not to mention where the police currently are.  You can then choose to steer clear of trouble or start some, depending on what you plan is.

It seems the mix of two genres will work well for those who like both types of games, but if you prefer one type over the other the mix might not be right for you.  Take a look at the details to make a call as to whether this game is worth your money or if you should give this one a pass.

This is a fascinating hybrid that feels like both Civ and Syndicate. It’s a game that teeters on the edge of excellence, let down by a few key problems. When you mash so many genres together some elements can feel like unnecessary bloat.

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