The online-only Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 (AGDQ 2021) wrapped up early Sunday morning with an official total of $2,758,847 USD for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. This is slightly lower than last year’s 3.164 million USD, but it is not exactly fair to compare those events. Last year snuck in before COVID-19, and it had an in-person venue.

The Donation Tracker is still open for a bit.

Some highlights for include Left 4 Dead 2, particularly the stress-inducing Dark Carnival run. The TAS block is always good. The event ended with a bonus run of Ocarina of Time. If you have any highlights, then be sure to leave your note in the comments.

The finale also had a brief memorial for a crew member that passed away from cancer back in December. The next Games Done Quick events do not yet have dates, but they will be Summer Games Done Quick 2021 and Frame Fatales.

That said, if you want more speedruns for charity, then you can check out the European Speedrunner Assembly’s online-only Winter 2020 event. This is not affiliated with Games Done Quick, but there is usually quite a bit of overlap in terms of runners and hosts. That event starts on Valentine’s Day.